"Wood retains memories

in a way that metal and plastics cannot. It shows signs of use and ages, even changes shape. I could look at one of my spoons and see a dent from harried Thanksgiving cooking or a dark spot from summer blueberry pie. And when I use the wooden spoon that belonged first to my grandmother, then to my mother and now to me, I cannot help but feel that I am cooking in the company of all past meals that the spoon has stirred and with help of all the hands that have done the stirring."  

 Lee Havlicek


  Berri Patch Kitchen Woodwares was imagined, inspired and created in the foothills of Southern Alberta.


  Crafting a life with more meaning through old-world skills, I found a love for spoon carving and woodworking within a small community filled with makers, growers and creatives.


  Expanding my knowledge and skills through each piece is always my intention. Most of them are spontaneously designed through feel and form which creates a unique character of new and old. 

  Throughout the past few years my notion of business has shifted from a conventional to a cultivating perception. It's about connecting with my process and building relationships (with everything). As my spoon carving skills evolve, my approach to woodworking is changing. Hand tools have brought me to a lighter, more synergetic practice. 

   My most favourite part of woodwork, aside from the process, is hearing stories of how each piece has been loved, put-to-work and reached its rightful keeper.

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